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Efile rejection

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I had a return rejected due to an error in the last name of the spouse.  I have corrected the name, but now when I try to efile the return, I get a Failed Transmission message.  Did I not do something I was supposed to?  This is for an 1040, Federal only.

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I think its Lacerte not you.  I filed a Fed and IL this morning.  First IL went to Lacerte and US failed pre-validation.  Then I did Lacerte update and resent.  The US went through and IL saying I filed it twice, yet the status is Failed Transmission.  Not surprised at all Lacerte seems to be getting worse and worse each year.

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I had a similar experience. The initial e-file was rejected for an incorrectly reported EIN. I made the correction and e-filed again. This time I received a Transmission Failure message and also a message that  a duplicate PA state return was being submitted. Lacerte has not corrected their software as of today. Does anyone know if Lacerte is aware of the situation?

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Remember that today is the opening of the floodgates. I will be totally surprised if we do not have some catastrophic errors on the servers today. We patient and maybe even wait until tomorrow to see how today unfolds. Hopefully they will keep us updated.  

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