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California Schedule D (540NR), California Amount

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How long does it take for Lacerte to resolve calculation challenges?  Answer is a total unknown.  I have spent way too much time addressing a form problem.  The technical support person basically ignored the information forwarded until I highlighted the instructions and asked that, if he couldn't address the problem, he should pass it up the line.  That was 7/2/21.  It's now 7/19/21, and, after two follow-up calls, I have basically been told it's been forwarded to the development department.  WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?  They can't tell me because they don't know.  Alas ...

2) How long should it take for Lacerte to resolve calculation challenges?

I have been trying for weeks to get someone at Lacerte to get back to me on my challenge to what is being entered on Line 10 (federal) versus Line 11 (California) when there is a nonresident California loss, but a larger federal loss.  The California instructions clearly show that line 11 is for the California amount - not the federal amount.  The program is correctly making the adjustment on California Sch. CA-NR, but it is NOT correctly reporting the amounts on California Schedule D (540NR).   

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