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I entered a 403(b) distribution from an educational institution.  There is a portion of the distribution that results from employee contributions and should not be taxable.  I entered this amount from the 1099-R 9b in Lacerte Screen 13.1, 9b.   I expected the taxable amount on 2(a) to be decreased by the employee contribution on line 9b.  The total distribution was taxed.  Do I need to decrease 2(a) by the amount on 9b.?  Thought the Lacerte software would automatically decrease the taxable amount.

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Level 15

It is rare for 403(b) employee contributions to be after tax. Are you sure the distribution should not be fully taxable?

Level 1

Actually it was a defined benefit plan.  Figured out where you enter the employee contribution. - screen 24, adjustments to income. Thanks for your help.

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