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2020 Lacerte screen frozen

2/24/2021 I'm on the most update version as of yesterday.

This morning, in the S corp Form application, the screen was frozen.   I couldn't even exit.  I've been staring at a Form 1120-S for 30 minutes.  Waiting for Lacerte support...      


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Right click on the icon (in the task tray) & close the program?

Ctrl + Alt + Delete to start the Task Manager, then shut down Lacerte?

Start button in lower left > power > restart?

Push the button on your computer to restart the whole shebang?

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If this repeats after the restart try the new Lacerte Tool Hub https://proconnect.intuit.com/community/help-articles/help/fix-common-problems-and-errors-with-the-l...

Use the FORCE websetup that it will run. 

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hello! Was your issue fixed ? I am.having the exact same problem.with Lacerte. Screen frozen . Called customer service and they went through the tool hub and it still did not get fixed . Any suggestions ? 

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