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EasyAcct 941 issues

Level 2

Problems with the 941 for EasyAcct.  They know about it but it will not be fixed until next week.  Anyone else have problems with EasyAcct?  Anyone else sick of how long it takes them to fix major problems with the software.  We have developed a new problem when we run payroll and the software drops tips that are paid.  When I called, they knew about the problem and have no idea why it is happening.  It is random.  The only fix is to run payroll and add tips in the review checks screen.  Not acceptable in any way shape or form.  Wish I could dump all Intuit products.  I am in too deep.  Customer service?  What is that?

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I couldn't agree more!


This is the most difficult, complicated payroll quarter I have ever been through.  Each customer is requiring substantially more time.  To have the software fail at this time, for even a day, is horrendous!

The price increase for EaxyAcct, QuickBooks ProAdviser, and ProSeries is unmaintainable!

Level 3

According to tech support moments ago:


Fix is coming Tuesday 7/14/20.


The error ONLY affects reporting issues.

I was very worried about spending the time to input transactions, and then when the fix came out having to use the restore from  a backup function, and then reentering data.  According to tech support answering that vey direct question about reentering transactions, it is ok to input all of the data now, and when the fix comes out Tuesday 7/14/20 the data entered will be ok, and you will not have to reenter or fix anything.  After the fix is updated we will then be able to run all of our reports.  This will allow us to at least keep processing data, keep up with our work load, and finish the reporting function later.

Level 2

New issue with the 941.  Schedule B is not printing on my semiweekly deposit clients.  No way to force schedule B to print.  OMG!  It is just one thing after another with this software.  I guess I will have to prepare these by hand and attach?!?!?!?!  Any one else having this issue?

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Level 3

New Update: Fixes the 941 but not the GL.

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