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Reporting individual sale dates this year, what happened to "various" ???

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Maybe I missed this, but can someone please explain why we are being required to report the individual sale dates on capital gains transactions now?  This makes no sense and I noticed Pro Series has eliminated the Capital gains worksheet in direct entry mode (I think it was form 31 last year) so you can't enter "various" to aggregate brokerage capital gains. 

From a reporting point of view, this is a step backwards since the brokerage firms already report to IRS. 

Do they really expect prepares to waste valuable time transcribing in some cases 100's of trades that have already been classified and summarized? 


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You haven't been able to report Various for sales dates in several years now.  You can do various as the purchase dates, but it was probably around the time reporting got changed in 2011 they took away Various for a sale date.  If you are adding a PDF summary to the tax return, just put 12/31 as the sale date for the grouped transactions.

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Thanks for that reply.  Last year and in prior years, Pro Series simply allowed designation of S or L for short or long without  having to enter any dates for grouped transactions and that should have been my real question. I don't see a reason why they chose to eliminate this in the current program in favor of their new worksheet which now requires a date and no longer accepts short or long only. Many of us have been long time users like myself and liked that input option. Not a fan of their new capital gains worksheet. I hope the programmers will also restore input form FDI-30 for more flexible entry options