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Is it possible to combine my regular Quickbooks profile and my profile over here?

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Is it possible to combine my regular Quickbooks profile and my profile over here?  I have two discussion lists, two sets of everything.  It just feels like it would be a little easier to use and navigate if I could get everything under one roof.

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It's two separate buildings so I think you are still going to have two leaky roofs to deal with.

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This forum uses the same Intuit ID Login that you have as an Intuit Customer, but it is Not the same "discussion place." You are on the web, here:


QB Community is here:


Turbo Tax is here:


The Developers forum for QB Apps, including QB Online apps, is here:



None of these are the Same Community at all, even though some people overlap. The Intuit people do not overlap. Programmers don't also do bookkeeping or prepare tax returns for their clients (well, most likely not).


If you signed up with Multiple Intuit IDs, you would need to contact Intuit to help, but those are Log Ins. Not product purchase accounts.


Go Here:


Which is a self-serve log in portal. There you should see some buttons for products, and when you click the QB Online, you are taken to your Online account or portal. The QB Desktop button will take you to your QB Desktop products, where you also can find the expiration date for your payroll or Intuit Payments or whatever else you buy from them, and the most recent downloads for QB Desktop if you own that and need to reinstall it.


And Intuit Sales can really be helpful with all of this.


This Tax Preparation Professional forum is a peer community that has Nothing to do with what you are asking.

It's like me, asking you if 16" tires will fit my old car with 15" wheels. Maybe I should not be asking a QB person who is participating on a Tax Preparation forum about my Car?

"Level Up" is a gaming function, not a real life function.