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IRA Guidance and the PTC

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Is there any way you can share a link to or text of the IRS guidance that Intuit and other software companies are relying on for the changes being made to address the APTC repayment.  Many of us are waiting to determine how to handle the interaction with the SE & Schedule A Health Insurance deductions.  

Although we know you have experts interpreting all of this for us, we also have to sign these tax returns and are not comfortable doing that blindly without seeing the actual guidance for ourselves.

Thank you!

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Hi @pamdory , 

Hopefully Austin's post answered your question - if not, here's the latest from the IRS today

- Rebecca 

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Thank you Rebecca. My client is super happy not to have to repay the APTC. However, while Sch. 2 Line 2 is blank, ProSeries has the error in form 8962 Part 3 line 29, and thus fails authentication for eSignature because fails efile review. I have to do the docusign with some customer because we don't live in the same town. The error says Proseries is still being updated.

You say not to file the 8962. But we cannot work around that fail for the 8962, so the only way at this time that we can leave out the 8962 would be to paper file.

My question is, will ProSeries be ready in time to efile before the deadline with this fix? Is there an ETA for the fix? Will notification be sent when/if ready?


Thank you!

Duncan Terry

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