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Estate Form 1041 with Canadian Beneficiaries

Level 4

First time with foreign beneficiaries on an estate. How are Canadian beneficiaries to an estate entered into the Form 1041 and will correct withholding amounts be calculated for them and will any necessary forms be generated for them? 

I am researching the treatment of a Canadian beneficiary now. All helpful tips and tricks will be greatly appreciated from folks with experience with these. You know, eh?


Update - Progress: I have found the Foreign Address checkbox on the beneficiary page...fumbling my way through. Woo Hoo!


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Level 15

The question I would have is whether the trustee withheld the correct amount of tax before making distributions to them, and then filed the required Form 1042.  

Level 4

We will be making distributions from the estate for our client and we are researching now to do this correctly. I will also be doing the Form 1041.