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Aren't You Excited? Another Round of $1,200 !

Level 13

Here are the tax proposals in the Senate Republican bill introduced today:


And of course, we can't count on any of them being enacted.  But two things I found interesting:

1)  People alive on 1/1/20 would be entitled to both rounds of EIP's.  (New Section 6428A and amended Section 6428.)  Decedents from 2018 and 2019 are not entitled.  Too bad for all those taxpayers who sent back the money paid to their recently (this year) departed.

2)  Joint returns with an NRA spouse still get $1,200, just not $2,400.

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Level 15

Sorry, but this popped into my head the second I saw your post.


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Level 15

I'm more excited about the next round of phone calls/emails asking:

1) Why didn't I get "MINE"?

2) Why didn't I get the full $ 1200/2400?

3) Oh, wait... is it too late to change the bank account the deposit will go into?


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Level 7

How about we filed joint but now we are divorced-will he/she get my money??