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management fee

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on form 1065, where do you report management fee charged by stock brokerage firm

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Create your own description and enter it under the "other deductions" section of the program.

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Jeff, do you know how to access the 'ask an expert" advertisement? do you just post something here and hope or is there a separate address? @IRonMaN 


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You can click the header link above:


Intuit Accountants Community > ProSeries Tax > ProSeries Ask An Expert

At the top of any topic, those are clickable, which is how I get to some strange subsections of the forums.

Also, the main Home Page from a product (from the Forum home page, or from the top Community product submenu) will sometimes have been updated with one of the three clickable boxes. I don't see an Ask Me right now, though:



The News and Updates topics under a product also have the three graphics:


And that topic listing sometimes includes a link.

A lot of these subforums, I consider them Phantom:


That's the link to the Ask An Expert subforum. That is showing the big clickable graphic in the middle, right now.

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