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Social Security Place holder from previous year

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Social Security Place holder from previous year

Show place holder if client has previous year social security income.

Status: New
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Level 15
Level 15

If they had SS benefits in the prior year then the SS worksheet appears in the Form in Use List, I know its not a "flag" insisting that youre missing something, but if youre paying attention to your forms in use, it will be shown there if they had it the year prior.

Level 5

Agreed - the SS worksheet field should be "pink" (looking for an entry in that field) if the taxpayer had SS benefits in the pervious year. This should have been in the software YEARS ago. Intuit needs to "flag" the SS benefits worksheet to remind the preparer to ask the taxpayer for their SSA-1099. Many older taxpayers forget to give us this 1099.

Level 2

This should be such an easy fix.  I know I've seen this requests many times. Not sure why it has never been addressed. Maybe now we have hope

Level 15
Level 15

You need to VOTE for this idea for them to consider it! 

See the Vote button on the right, click it!

The more votes, the more likely they are to implement it.  You should also scroll through the ideas already posted, and vote for the ones youd like to see as well.



Level 7
Level 7

Do as Lisa says.  But just in case, we always mark each effected tax folder with a big red SS.  This is so when info comes in we know to ask them if they have their SS stmt.

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