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EIC Worksheet 2019 income election

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EIC Worksheet 2019 income election

Can we get an error notification to check yes or no on the EIC Worksheet 2019 income election? This will encourage the preparer to compare the amounts and if a preparer hasn't heard of the election, it will make them research it.

Status: New
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Level 15
Level 15

As of now, there is no error for it...you'll have to make a note to check it for those that may qualify.  We've asked, not sure if we'll see it happen in a future update or not.

Level 3

I know to check it. But I also know that not all preparers keep up with the changes. 

Level 1

Totally agree, error message pops up in TurboTax to check yes or no. We will have to amend 10 clients taxes because of this. 

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