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COVID Header for 1040 returns

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COVID Header for 1040 returns


There are many preparers asking when is Proseries going to update to allow a header for COVID on late returns. It is not possible to efile these returns without the header, and it is not ideal to paper file the returns. Please look into adding the header, thanks.

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Level 15

"It is not possible to efile these returns without the header"  Of course it is possible to file without such a header.

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Level 15

Nobody will read/see the header on an Efiled return anyway.  You'll end up with a notice that you'll have to respond to and you can make your case for it being late due to COVID.

Level 15

I think I have asked this before, but I will do it again anyway.  How many people that are looking to claim COVID as an excuse to avoid penalties are notorious procrastinators who are looking for new buzz words to get them out of having to pay penalties?  We had a client in last week that is still pulling information together and will not meet the deadline.  They want to use the COVID exception.  However, they have pushed the deadline every year for the last handful of years that we have prepared their return.  Also, COVID wasn't really a good enough reason to cancel the vacation plans that they had earlier this year.  I'm not attaching any lame excuses in with the return when it is filed.  They are on their own if they want to go down that road.  I'll gladly go to bat for clients that have real issues meeting deadlines but I am going to sit in the dugout for anybody else.

Level 14

While I agree it is pointless to write COVID on the top of the tax return, there ARE legitimate things to write on top.

ProSeries USED to allow it.  I think they changed it when the 1040 changed in 2018, and no longer allow it.

On the other hand, I have no idea if that header was e-filed or if it was just a convenience for mailing returns.  And even if it was e-filed, I have no idea if the IRS did anything with it.


And unfortunately, it is pointless to make suggestions for product improvement.  They have essentially told us they have no intention of even looking at them.

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