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charitable contribution credit

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charitable contribution credit


I have already spoken with tech about the credit.  The file was sanitized and sent to Intuit. 

The credit comes on the 1040 worksheet and/or Form 1040, by way of the Schedule A, Gifts to Charity.  Schedule 1 doesn't have a line for charitable contribution credit. 

The 1040 worksheet and Form 1040 shows "total adjustments to income."

Schedule 1 show "adjustments to income."

2 Year Comparison uses "adjustments to income."

"Total" is the keyword here according to Intuit and/or IRS.

The 2 Year Comparison, Adjustments to Income, is pulling from Schedule 1only.

When you have contributions on Schedule A, it carries it to the 1040 Worksheet, Lines 8-11. You are then prompted to enter either $150 or $300 for the charitable contribution credit.

I understand the IRS has the final say, but I would like to see the 2 Year Comparison to reflect total adjustments to income. The comparison is a good tool to use and actually the Difference column doesn't reflect true in comparison of 2 years for the Adjustments to Income line.

I don't feel like I should have to "override" this field on the 2 Year Comparison W

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Are you asking that an above-the-line credit be treated the same as a deduction or other type of adjustment that is subject to phase out or limitation? It's hard to identify the exact idea you would like to have support for.

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Level 15

The first year with QBI, the 2 year comparison was wonky too. 

Don't hold your breath for them to make changes for this small adjustment, likely be fixed for 2021.

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What is "charitable contribution credit?"

Level 15

I think OP means the $300 deduction.

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