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work flow and paperless tax return delivery

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I am looking to streamline my practice digitally.  Currently, my clients bring in their papers and they pick up or I mail a completed paper copy on completion.  I am looking to change this as it takes up a lot of time, especially the pickup and drops off. (Seeing clients twice!)

What do you use for gathering client's tax documents and then delivering electronically?

I use ProSeries Professional software.  I have used the password-protected email but clients have trouble opening it or ask me for the password even though the instructions are in the email.

I appreciate any advice of whats worked for you

Thank you


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Level 15
Level 15

Look into using Intuit Link

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Level 10

Intuit link works good for me, for my clients that are comfortable with computers

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Agree Link would be a good choice since there is integration built-in and it comes free with PS. 

However, you will have to sacrifice some control and you must be ready to help clients diagnose login/access problems, which pop up from time to time, largely due to deficiency and as a result of Support not being very knowledgeable about the product themselves.  You can search this board and you will see that there is no lack of questions and complaints about Link.

Another choice is to use your own secure client portal.  You will have much more control over these portals and they tend to be more user-friendly, except there will be no integration with PS.

To use Link, you need to be very familiar with the entire workflow.  If you haven't used it, set yourself up as both the accountant and taxpayer (with different email addresses).  Test out the end-to-end process, discover the kinks, and beware of possible solutions.  Reading the help articles and discussions that have been raised here would also help.

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