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Will e-file reject if MD Payer number incorrect on 1099R

Level 1

Client provided  1099R, put the MD State Payer number is blurred. Concerned if not correct return will be rejected.  Has anyone seen such a reject?  I have seen incorrect EIN rejects but never anything for the State.

Thank you!

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Level 9

Cindy I would ask the client to contact the administrator of the retirement account and request another copy of the 1099-r form, just to be safe

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Level 15

I've never seen a reject for that. Doesn't mean it won't happen.

Is there MD withholding? If not I don't think you need the number, unless it's a ProSeries thing like with 1099-G for state tax refunds.

Level 9

Sjr is correct... And if there was withholding for Maryland then that would most likely mean that Maryland also received the 1099-r form directly from the administrator... Therefore in that case the eins may have to match up... Just my opinion

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