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Why does Minnesota insist on mailing in a tax return when a underpayment of taxes is due?

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Over the years, I've noticed that once we get closer to the due date, that it forces us to mail in the return.  Popped up this evening as I have a client that owes $36 due to a a lot of capital gains.  Seems rather odd that the state wants a paper return where is adding to the amount due requires alot less resources.


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Yeah, I agree, it is quite annoying.

If I remember correctly, it is just for underpayments when uneven Estimated Tax were paid (probably the 'regular'/annualized method on the bottom of the form).  Or something like that.

If the penalty is only a couple of dollars or so, I 'cheat' and change the numbers to get rid of the penalty (and tell the client they could get a bill in the mail).  But I wouldn't do that for a penalty that large.

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I would still do it for a penalty that large - my materiality level has increased in these happy days of COVID.  

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