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Where are the column headings in the Homebase view menu?

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Select from the the options across top of screen - File, Edit, View........HomeBase .  From HomeBase drop screen... Column Headings

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In 2019 as dkh says. But in 2020 it ain't there no more

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ahhh.... yep, I was answering based on 2019 Program.    I've not downloaded the 2020 program yet.  


The only difference I see between Basic 19 and Basic 20 is that Basic 20 adds the "Reset Current View" option. That resets the view if you've rearranged columns or removed columns via drag and drop.

Basic_HomeBase_2019.png Basic_TY20.png


Professional did change..

"Column Headings" became "Add/Edit Custom Views" & "Reset Current View".  Note the screenshot below is for the December Release.. we added a way to export/import Tax Year 20 Views between machines. We also added a way to import exported TY19 Views via the Add/Edit Custom Views wizard.

Core2019.png Core_2020.png



I put up a youtube video to explain (specific to December release). Be kind, i'm an engineer not a polished voice actor.


Also one for queries



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My Homebase menu does not have the export and import custom views like yours and I just updated 12/09


Our December release should be on the 16th, usually around 11 PST. There will be a number of things in that, including these enhancements, homebase zooming, check/uncheck all in Choose Selected forms, etc.