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Wage Earner Return RD 109

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I have filled out several RD 109 for my clients, but the software isn't allowing me to print, states printing error.  Anyone else having the issue?

Error # 10250

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Im not sure what an RD109 is or why it would be different than printing any other form...have you restarted the computer and printer since the issue began?  That would be the first thing to try.   

If the reboot does nothing, this article mentions the 10250 print error


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(Form RD-109 is the form for the Kansas City, Mo "Local Earnings Tax".)

I use ProSeries Basic. It will not let me print them either. And then the form does not even show up in the list of items that you choose to print, (so you cannot create a "PDF" to print from either).I have also tried printing directly from the form.

It did the same thing last year. I only have 2 clients that file this form. But it stinks to have to go onto the Kansas City Mo website and re-do the entire thing. 

I do not understand why the forms show up in the program, and let you prepare them, but then you can't print them. It makes no sense. Especially considering how much the software now costs.

I have NOT called ProSeries to see what they say.  I would be interested in their answer if anyone gets a chance to call them. I am a night owl and mainly work in the evening/night, and it seems that whenever I think about calling them, they are already closed. 

I read the other posted response to your question and read the info from ProSeries about the printer drivers, or that you should try to print from a PDF.  Again, that doesn't make sense as the forms don't even show up on the list of items that can be printed. And I am not really excited about "removing and re-installing the software program" like they say to try in their article, especially right now with only a few weeks left in the season. 

I will try to call them if I think of it during their business hours. And I will post their answer here if they give me one. And I would appreciate their answer on how to resolve the issue if anyone else gets one from them.


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