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Texas payment date is June 15, 2021

Level 2

Working on Texas Form 1040 and client wants to pay on June 15, 2021. There is a red error and says it has to be May 17, 2021.

Plus someone was telling me to prepare Form 4868 for Texas clients, the form has to be done my may 17, 2021, is that correct?


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The IRS isn't updating its system to handle the Texas deal.  May 17th is still the magical date for the computers to recognize.

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Level 5

No, that is NOT correct.

If you want to e-file the extension you will have to do it by May 17th. That is ONLY because the IRS computers will not be programmed to differentiate extensions from TX. So, the IRS will reject any extension that is e-filed after May 17th.

However, you can still paper file the extension up to June 15th.

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