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Tax Return Due Payment - Print Bank Account Info on the Return

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If Taxpayer owes funds to IRS, Proseries doesn't print the bank account and routing number on the tax return.

Is there any option to print any form/voucher which shows the confirmation that funds would be deducted on auto withdrawal date from the account and print the account number.

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Level 15
Intuit cant confirm that the withdrawal will happen, they just forward the banking info to IRS.

You could edit the standard client letter to include the information youre requesting. It sure would be nice if the 8879 included direct debit/deposit banking info on it!

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I agree. On other software like Drake, I noticed that they print the bank account and routing number.

I am able to print the federal worksheet and include it with the return so that they can review the bank account but looking for something professional form to share it with client.

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I do not use the standard ProSeries letter.  I have created my own custom and in it is is a line requesting the client to verify the banking info (I do NOT pay client tax payments, let them pay it and save me the malpractice issue when it blows up).  The letter code I use is:

[@FDIBank]<@FDIBank>, routing #[@FDIRTN]<@FDIRTN>, account #[@FDIAcctNo]<@FDIAcctNo>

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I always include the bank info on the instruction letter so the client can confirm it. Every year.

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