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state conformity with unemployment exclusion

Level 4

Does anyone know if any of the tax organizations (NATP/NSTP) or maybe the AICPA or state societies have or are putting out a master list of states conforming or decoupling from the unemployment change? and updating it as more information is received? We are all following our own home states closely (hence the massive NYS hold pile for now) but for the out of state returns it would be helpful.

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Level 11

Great question... I have not seen a master list... I guess people are just going to have to check the Department of Revenue website for the state that they are inquiring about...

Level 7

Maryland will have Form 502LU available on April 15th--Maryland has extended deadline to July 15

Level 15

The span of recorded history is about 5,000 years, but it has been only since the turn of the century that we have started to share the attitude, "I WANT MY NEWS NOW, AND I WANT IT FOR FREE."  I am as guilty as others, but I do remind myself occasionally how spoiled I am with what is available online for keeping up with current events and opinions. 

I have a client who pays unemployment taxes in New York, but not one who has collected benefits there. Just out of curiosity, I took a few minutes to find out what is happening with the issue there.  Google News led me to an article in the Oneida Daily Dispatch from earlier this week, explaining how legislation has been introduced to conform to the exclusion.  Oddly, this legislation is sponsored by a politician whose party opposed ARPA in Congress.  One state's conservatives are another state's liberals.  But in most state legislatures, many bills fall by the wayside.  In New York, the governor might fall by the wayside.  Meanwhile, he and the General Assembly seem to be more concerned about the increase in tax collections from legalizing marijuana, rather than the decrease in revenue from excluding unemployment.

It's easy and enjoyable for the rest of the country to follow what is happening in Albany.  Even in other states, however, it's not difficult to find an answer.  Apparently Hawaii considered matching the exclusion, but that bill was DoA.  

Are there any volunteers to collect and update this information?  There are lots of volunteers for anything on the Internet.  The current issue of the New Yorker magazine has an article about Ravelry, the website for people who knit.  It has 9 million registered users, about a million of whom visit monthly. Here is a quote from the story.  "“Telling a knitter to check out Ravelry is like telling someone who just got a computer, ‘Hey, you should check out Google,’ ” . . . an avid knitter and creator of a popular e-mail newsletter said."  Or maybe like telling someone who wants to keep up with news about taxes on unemployment, to check out Google. 

So maybe someone will start a National Association for the Advancement of Unemployed People, and give us what we want.  You could do it yourself.  All those clicks will lead to ad revenue, once those people find jobs.  You could become an IPO billionaire, with the right following on Reddit.  But when all is said and done, what would you post about the current status of the question in New York?  

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