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Roth Distribution

Level 2

My client withdrew funds ($3,600) from a Roth IRA.  This was not a total distribution.  All of the funds received were a return of his own money.  No earnings in the total.

The 1099 shows code J.  Looking at the 1040, the distribution amount is showing as taxable.  Where/how do I report the non-taxable portion of the distribution? ($3,600)

There doesn't seem to be an area on the 8606 or at the bottom of the 1099 screen.


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Level 11

You should be able to enter the total Roth IRA basis on the IRA Info Wks.

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Thank you.  One more thing I forgot....My client withdrew the funds inside the 5-year holding period.  This being the case, is the entire withdrawal taxable?

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Level 2

You can put in and take it out.  Only the earnings would be taxed.  A bit like family planning.