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ProSeries ProConnect conflict with another software

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On one of our office computers we are running two essential programs. One is for managing insurance-related stuff (let's call it program1, it's a database shared through local network) and the other is Intuit ProSeries.

The problem is that when one program is working the other one is not.
When program1 is started first, Intuit ProSeries shows a generic error message stating that network is not available. At first we tought it was a DNS-related issue, but we quickly excluded that, as other programs like browser, are working just fine.

When Intuit ProSeries is started first, we can login just fine, but the program1 is not available on the network anymore.

We suspect that this may be caused by overlapping network ports.

Program1 uses following ports by default:

It also assigns dynamic ports for data transfer.

Can anyone tell me whether Intuit ProSeries, ProConnect uses any of the above network ports for communication?

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