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Need help with getting data files from my C proseries back in my proseries program

Level 5

I was backing up my past years on a flash drive. ( using copy) through their program.  At the end of it all the program when I open it.. has only 3/5 of the clients there.. I have to go to my C, go to file and proseries 2021 and then Data to find them and open them when needed.  I want to get my Data files from that C Proseries 21 copied back into the actual program with out any over writng any.  Is there a way to do that?

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Level 15
Level 15

If therye in the correct folder, just not showing up in Homebase, try 


Level 8

I use a USB to backup but....I backup the entire ProWinXX file by copying it from Win Explorer.

This is the best way because it copies the complete program and client files.  If you need to reinstall a prior year I recommend:

download the program directly from your My ProSeries account.

Install the program, put USB in slot, open Win Explorer and copy ProSeries ProWinXX from the USB directly to the ProWinXX you just installed.  The USB files will override all data into the new install.

Close Win Explorer, click on Start/Programs, scroll down to the ProWin you just installed, click to open menu and run Homebase Maintanence. When you log in to the program it should be an exact duplicate of what you backed up.


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