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Mortgage interest deduction worksheet: delays? errors?

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Finished a return on 2/9/21, client just came now (2/11, 6 pm CA time) to pick up, and the mortgage interest was GONE. I went to the Mortgage interest deduction worksheet (client owns 2 homes and did a re-fi, is well over the $750,000 limit), and for every time I tried to enter a number, the software delayed for maybe 6 - 12 seconds, with "calculating" in the lower right corner of the screen. And, after I filled in all that I believe I need to fill in, it still was wrong (still calculating $0 for mortgage interest deduction). But I'm looking at the copy of the return I printed, showing mortgage interest deduction of $24,462!! Where did that number go? HELP.......   

I was told earlier today by another ProSeries user that the mortgage interest deduction worksheet is messed up and Intuit/ProSeries is working on it. Is that true? 

We need a fix ASAP, I can't continue to look like an idiot in front of my clients...... not if I want to stay in business..... Thanks!

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There was an update made available yesterday that included the Mortgage Interest form.  Try downloading the latest updates for your 2020 software.

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Thank you! However, I'm running updates every day or two,and it still is not working correctly, as of today after loading the latest update. Sigh. 

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