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maryland efile

Level 5

Maryland has updated unemployment form on its website

but pro series has not. my phone is ringing off the hook

pro series wastes no time in collecting fees

you would think they would issue a little guidence

this is total failure on thier part.

regards, Larry

stay safe



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Level 8


MD released the form today and you expect software companies to already have it updated.  As someone famous said "C'mon man".

Level 15

But once a form is released by a government, the software companies then get the form, make the changes, submit the form to the government, and wait for the government to approve it before it is released.  I hate Intuit, but everybody has to be aware of the fact that just because a government changes something, it doesn't magically change everywhere simultaneously.  

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Level 8

I told all my clients MD will have the form out April 15th but I won't have it available probably until about May 1st or so.  That way no phone calls, no complaints.

Level 7

@mdtao31 maryland changed laws/exclusions on feb 15 and was working on Form 502LU unitl feds changed/updated their $10,200 exclusion third week in march-then had to re-program to allow for the fed changes-not maryland's fault, but what a great time to be a preparer! Instructions I printed do NOT tell us where to enter the number from the 502LU-they say read instructions for line 15 of Form 502-that doesn't help!!