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Making a backup Proseries computer

Level 3

With the problem of crashing pc's not getting resolved,  was thinking of making another backup PC. The hope is that this backup PC will not crash.  I have an older PC which we used last year.

Copied the 20Data folder from the PC we now use to this older PC.  Then ran homebase maintenance to repopulate the clients.  All clients showed up.

The problem is when you go to the EF center,  none of the electronic filing data for any client shows up.  Looks like none of the clients have been efiled.

Does Proseries have any utility to update EF status of all clients ?


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Level 15
Level 15

Highlight all the files in Pending then use this


Level 3

Thank you  !

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Level 3

I think you can go to efile home base and put in for email acknowledgement.