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Is anyone else having problems with premium tax repayment form 8962 not transferring to schedule 2

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Thats because the payback has been waived, everyone has been waiting for this update to file returns that have PTC paybacks on them.

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Pat I just prepared one and had no problem... the amount that transferred to schedule 2 to is 0 as this has been waived like Lisa said... The actual payment calculation form on my software still correctly shows the penalty calculation but this form is not efiled and the penalty amount does not get transferred to schedule 2 as proper....Just my opinion

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Ever since the ARPA was signed that waived the repayment, people posted here to complain that the programs hadn't been updated to reflect that waiver. Since the update, people are now in doubt or complaining about the effect of the update, which matches the law.

Poor Intuit. They just can't catch a break.

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To answer the next round of questions ------------ no we don't know when the letter will be updated to delete the wording saying the client had to repay part of the credit they received.

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