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How to e-file two IRS Form 8868 Extension of time for an IRS Form 990 and IRS Form 990-T

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Today, I was told that since an IRS Form 8868 was e-filed last week for an IRS Form 990 that another IRS Form 8868 for IRS Form 990-T for the same organization could not be e-filed using ProSeries.  This year the IRS Form 990-T must be e-filed.  I was told that the IRS would not recognize an IRS Form 8868 that is mailed when the related tax form is e-filed.  

The late filing fee for filing an IRS Form 990 after the due date, or after the due date as extended, for some not-for-profit organizations can be as much as $100.00 per day.

The IRS requires that a separate IRS Form 8868 be filed to extend an IRS Form 990 and an IRS Form 990-T.  Taxpayers must have the capability of e-filing both IRS Form 8868s, even if they are not e-filed at the same time.  

We need to have this issue addressed.

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@ramledray had a similar situation months ago... How hard is it to get a one-page extension form to be able to e-file?... What a Joke.....

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