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How do I enter a like kind exchange in the Schedule D screen?

I found this article some days ago and now cannot seem to find it.   Would like to see if it is updated.

Having a real fight to get the Form 8824 and so forth to work.  No matter what I do it seems to push the entire gain (on the replaced property) out to Schedule D and then Form 1040 and make it taxable.  Sold old property for more than purchase price of new property so have about $75,000. in actual cash (received from "Exchange Facility".) 

I did find and just printed the paper "1040: Completing a Like-kind  Exchange of Business Property (1031 exchange) - this time with its printed insert forms.  So I am about to work my way through this and see what I am missing.

Thank you

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Does this help at all?


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Yes I have this one and worked my way through it once without success. I will give it another run today.

The article I would like to find again is:

"How do I enter a like kind exchange in the Schedule D screen"

And I have a printed out copy of "old" version (severa weeks old). I just wondered if it had been updated in any way. Otherwise I will revert to "old" version again today.

Thank you



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