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Federal and state returns e-filed through Pro-series and accepted 07/02/2020 for year 2019.  Document stamp of acceptance received for federal and two state returns.  State refunds received.  Federal refund not received.  IRS website continued to show "processing".  

IRS issues letter dated 02/15/2021 indicating that return was not received and is delinquent.  Sending in paper return along with document stamp supporting electronic filing.

Is there any way to understand how IRS systems failed to process an e-filed return?


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Level 2

My guess would be a missing 1095A.  That is exactly what happens. 

Level 1

I guess I'm surprised by this.  Both husband and wife are physicians with health coverage through their respective hospital employers.  Why would this trip up an efile?

Level 2

I had a return brought in & it turned out to be a child listed as a dependent was insured by a healthcare.gov policy through the other parent, therefore 1095A required.   Could that be the problem?

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Level 1

No -  Healthcare isn't an issue.  Employer of both spouses received appropriate 1095s

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Level 2

Mine had an ex-wife who insured a child he claimed as a dependent.  I was at a loss at first.  If there are no children on yours I wish you luck & truthfully I've seen stranger things as have you I'm sure.  Certainly shakes your faith just a little in e-filing doesn't it?

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Level 8

I had 4 different clients have this happen and received the notice on the same day.  There were no forms missing and they all had acceptance numbers.  We filled out and returned the form attached with the letters and went on to something else in this crazy time.

Level 4

i had 1 similar last year,the return was accepted but the refund status said more info was needed

and would be sent within 30 days.it was not of course.then 2 months later the refund was received

with no explanation


Level 7

Based on the comments herein, it looks like an error on the IRS part. Maybe it will work itself out by itself, but who knows. E-filing was supposed to make everything so great, remember?

Level 15

IRS admitted they sent out erroneous CP59 notices to about 260K people. If they filed, IRS said to ignore the notice.

Level 1

Thank you for yours and everyones response.  

We will send in a duplicate copy of the return reflecting original signatures for efile, etc. as well as Intuit's confirmation of acceptance.   Assume there must have been a Covid bug; however, one practictioner indicated it had happenned to him four times.  

Should we assess a penalty as IRS for late processing?  That will never pass.  Excuse the sarcasm.