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FBAR: Problem with e-filing

Level 3

Hi all--

I've filled out a client's FBAR and followed all the instructions. Everything seems fine . . . but when I go to e-file it, it just doesn't show up on the list of things to e-file. (All I see are his federal and state returns.)

I have already filed the federal and state returns. Is that the problem?  How can I make the FBAR appear so I can file it also?

Thank you!


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Level 15
Level 15

You have it marked for Efiling in Part VI of the clients Federal Info Worksheet?

Level 3

Hi Lisa,

Yes, I had it marked. I think I figured out the problem. It seems the FBAR was ready for filing, but I couldn't find it in the EF list because it was listed separately from the tax returns for that client.

Thanks for trying to help; I do appreciate it.