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E file for other tax preparers

Level 2

I have an EFIN and use ProSeries. May i e-file for other taxpreparers whose returns I donot prepare.

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Level 15
Level 15

You firm name/address/EIN will appear on the return. Are these other preparers your employees?  Are you going to be reviewing these returns prior to Efiling?  You may want to check with your E&O Insurance carrier to see if you're still covered if these other preparers are not your employee.

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Thank you.  That is one aspect I did not consider.

Level 11
Level 11

Yes you may file returns you do not prepare, but you must put the preparers PTIN. This is from pub 1345:

An ERO that chooses to originate returns that it has not prepared, but only collected, becomes a tax return
preparer of the returns when, as a result of entering the data, it discovers errors that require substantive
changes and then makes the changes. A non-substantive change is a correction limited to a transposition
error, misplaced entry, spelling error or arithmetic correction. The IRS considers all other changes
substantive, and the ERO becomes a tax return preparer. As such, the ERO may be required to sign the
tax return as a tax return preparer.

Here is a link to pub 1345 that you should read


Level 2

Thank you.

Level 15

But why would you want to do that?  Why don't the other preparers have their own EFIN?

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An important client wants to have his bookkeeper handle tax returns that his clients ask him about. They would do the simple returns, I would get what they cannot handle.  They are just starting out in the preparation business and the EFIN application process will take longer than the tax season.  They will have an EFIN for next tax season.

Level 11
Level 11

I file returns for people that need to efile only (mostly TT clients). I charge them $100 non refundable. And if any errors pop up I will credit the $100 toward my fee for doing their taxes correct