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Client received letter from IRS and State

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Client is 90 years old.  Her daughter wanted to see if her mother had to file.  I did her tax return on ProSeries but did not e-file since no taxes owed.  However some how the IRS and the state are saying they received the tax returns but need proof of identity.  How could this have happened when I did not e-file the return. Thank you for any suggestions of what could have happened.

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Someone filed a fraudulent return.  It is being flagged as suspicious which is why they asked for more information.  Reply to the letter letting them know that no return was filed.  

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Are you absolutely positively sure you didn't e-file the return?  You've checked your EFCenter ?  Could someone else in your office have e-filed it?   Have you tried pulling Receive Acknowledgment Status ?

I'm only asking because I've read other post where returns were accidently e-filed.