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Accommodating clients - Am I just being a grumpy grump

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Do you adjust your hours to accommodate clients dropping off or picking up ?     Client called me this morning to say she's busy with other things so it will be after 4pm before she can stop in -  Uh NO!   She's known for a week that her tax papers are done.  I'm here working but that doesn't mean I have to let her in does it ????    I stop being open on Saturday for clients after April 15th.   


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Saturdays and Sundays are our quiet days to get work cranked out ———- without client interruptions.  The building doors are locked and we don’t answer the phone.  We do make some rare exceptions from time to time - for good reasons.  Because you “have been really busy”, is not one of those exceptions.  Actually telling us that line could be endangering to your life ——————— do you really realize who you are talking to?  We haven’t been just a tad busy?😡

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My office is connected to my home.   Some rude clients take advantage.

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@dkh @IRonMaN 👍👍 both of you hit the nail on the head.. In my opinion the general rule  is  that  the more you accommodate them the more they will step on you but that is just my opinion... there are exceptions but based on my experience what I have said is true, and if someone doesn't like it too bad... Just my opinion 

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My clients drop in unannounced all the time.  Also they'll drop in at midnight, 2am, etc. as "they know I'll be here".  It only bothers me when I'm in a meeting with another client.  But my requirement is that they bring me chocolate chip cookies.  No wonder my before and after pictures are reversed.  100 - 400lb.

Level 12

I'd let clients in late at night too if they brought me goodies.         I have a drop box outside office for those "after hours" people.  

Level 15

I'm only available between 10am and 4pm. I had to do this, because of the different timezones as well as people wanting to work after their own office hours, which would mean their work with me sometimes started at 7pm my time. And, I still get the occasional 6:30 am phone call for a screenshare session on demand, because it's 8:30 am where they are, and they just realized they had a question I have to answer Now.

I do remember the one person that I thought was in Pacific timezone as Costa Mesa. She turned out to be in Costa Rica. Oops.

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I am kinda accommodating... But that's in my DNA, I'm a woman, I raised four children single handedly, and I am used to juggling others' needs before my own. Not a recommendation, each has own modus operandi.

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And you're answering your phone on Saturday?

And you don't have a voicemail message that says, "Call back Monday" ?

Then don't complain.  

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Level 8

I get a kick when client says I have to come in the evening because I work during the day.  My response is "So do I."  Even my secretary has gotten used to the question "How late are you open?"  She just says well we are here now!  We do not have any hours listed for fear someone is going to try to hold us to them.

Level 11

@taxiowa 👍 had one stop last night at 8:30 p.m. unannounced... All he had was something to drop off and I have a drop off box outside the door... But he didn't want to leave it , they all want to talk and talk and talk..... they want to squeeze every dollar out of you like a lemon... I didn't answer the door and he came back today... The more they come in the less work we can complete, and I have too much to do...

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@BobKamman  my complaint is clients want to tell me what hours I should be open for them. I answered the phone because I was willing to let the client come in this morning.  Then she had to go into the first I need to this and then I need to do that and so after 4pm is when I'll be done, gee you probably won't still be there will you       

Level 5

i have always taken the position that clients need us

rather than we need them,tell them to take it someplace else

as you are on a tight schedule

that usually pits the fear of god in them


stay safe