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1040NR Schedule NEC glitch

Level 1

When I enter anything on 1040NR Schedule NEC column (a), the total is showing on Line 13, which is correct. But when I print out the return, the total has moved to Line 11, Gambling Winnings and nothing on Line 13. Can ProSeries fix this? 

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Level 15
Level 15

I dont prepare 1040NR returns, but I went ahead and opened one and tossed a figure in the Sch NEC under dividends and I see the same thing you do when I Print Preview....it puts it on Line 11, gambling winnings instead of Line 13.

@IntuitAustin   can someone look into this?

Hers what the screen looks like (I couldnt grab the entire page in 1 screen shot, but the bottom lines that are screwy show up) and the bottom one is what the PDF looks like.

1040nr1.png 1040nr2.png

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