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There is often a lot of good information in the details -- the multi-line entry box that opens up when you hit the plus sign in most data fields. I would like print this information to print -- be included on the "statements" page. (I would like all details to print every time, but I suppose you could make the printing optional. Perhaps make it an option like the "flag" feature.)

For example, if the taxpayer has two mortgage interest statements listed in the details box, I'd like to see a statement like this:

  Statement 27

  Schedule A, Line 8a - Home mortgage Interest and points reported on Form 1098

  Mortgage ABC  $2000

  Mortgage XYZ   $3000

                 Total:  $5000

Status: Open for voting
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Returning Member

I would like this option as well.  

New Member

Somewhat mind-boggling this isn't automatically an option. I'm just starting out my practice and just using for returns as needed on extension, but really doubt I can use this program for 2021. 

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Open for voting
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