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Lock Prior Period Returns

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Lock Prior Period Returns


All too often we look back at a prior year for any number of reasons. It's entirely too easy to start making changes not realizing the return has been filed. I'd like to lock a prior year from changes after it's been filed, have a pop up that says "You are changing a prior year, are you sure" or even just change the background color so it's obvious.

Thank you.

This feature will be included in November's release. Thank you! 

Status: Accepted
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Level 1

Couldn't agree more.  Additionally, subsequent tax law changes should NOT change returns in PTO after they've already been filed.  

Level 2

Lock it after it is filed, but have the ability to unlock it with a question, do u want to, and a 2nd question are u sure u want to unlock it. One would need this to do an amended return after copying the file.

Level 2

YES YES YES!!!  I would like it to lock after it is filed. Still be able to look at it again but not make changes unless I WANT TO MAKE them.

Level 15

Keep asking. With ProSeries it took about 10 years and it was not implemented until the chief noisemaker's tragic and untimely death.

RIP Chuck. 👼

Level 15

Oh Susan... thanks for the bitter-sweet reminder.  We miss him.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Accepted

This feature will be included in November's release. Thank you! 

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