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[Enhancement/Bug] To have form 1040-NR Sch NEC flow to the states

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[Enhancement/Bug] To have form 1040-NR Sch NEC flow to the states


Nonresidents need to file form 1040-NR reporting capital gains and dividends on schedule NEC, currently the income on Sch NEC will not flow to the states with ProConnect tax software, and does not provide state allocation if multiple states involved. Please provide the functionality. Thanks.

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Level 3

Why would federal nonresidents file any state return? Dividend and interest income is generally allocated to the recipient's state of residency. If a person is nonresident for federal tax purposes and files 1040-NR, what would make this person file any state tax return? Thank you

Level 15

There are many instances when nonresident aliens have to file state income tax returns. Rental property in the US ., for example.

In some visa situations they are a nonresident alien for federal but a state resident.


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