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New York Partner's Schedule K-1

Level 3

This K-1 has amounts in A - Partner's distributive share items in the Federal K-1 amount and NY state amount for Ordinary business income (loss); Guaranteed payments; Net earnings (loss) from self-employment; and Distributions -cash and nondeductible expenses. I've entered those amounts.

I've also enter the Partner's share of NY modifications.

On page 2 it has Partner's other information

line 29a Partner's share of New York source gross income with a number that is larger than anything else on the return.

I don't know where to put that number or if it's even needed. I called ProConnect and after an hour she admitted that she doesn't know where that number should go as she doesn't prepare taxes. 

Client is a non-resident of NY. He is actually living overseas but has K-1's for 12 states.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Level 15

PTO must have instructions for entering K-1 info for nonresident state returns.

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