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Last year, 2019, I was able to add a message to a clients responce.  This year there seems to be no way to do that.  I have been creating a new request.  This is ackward and confusing for the client. 

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It works the same way.  Log into Intuit Link for Accountants and check your setting for notification to make sure it's turned on and that you have the email address(es).

You may not get updated every time your client does something within Intuit Link like in the past, you will be notified at least once for your clients' activities.  This may not be ideal because you could potentially be a day "late" in getting notified if your client updates something in Intuit Link shortly after the daily notification.

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Looking for the feature in the past where a client answers a request with a question.  In previous years there was a column that ran along side the extremme right side of the questions and ansers where you could comment.  Is this still available?

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