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Is there any reference manual available to answer even basic questions of maneuverability, deleting a page or a form no longer needed ?

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Intuit ypur support sucks
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#1- "we" aren't support.  "We" are fellow users of Intuit software hanging out in this forum to try to help our peers

A few folks (altho the most prolific one Jensen was driven away by Intuit's PTB) can answer PTO questions.

But only if you bother to ask nicely,  with polite language.

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Level 15

They asked one here


I dont speak PTO though, so I have no clue.

Facebook does have a ProConnect Tax Online group that's Admin'd by Intuit employees, if you're a FB user, might be worth joining....not many people in this group speak PTO 


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You will get no argument about your statement from the peanut gallery. 

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PTO had some really good support offered through this forum.  But Intuit went and did what it does best ——- pissed off its whole support staff.  Ok, the whole staff was actually comprised of one under paid (actually unpaid to be technically correct) PTO user.  Intuit evidently can’t find other users dumb enough to volunteer to be their PTO support department.  Of course it would be a lot to ask for some Intuit employees to spend some time here to fill the void.  They encourage people to come here and then rely on volunteers to do what a paid support department is supposed to do.  But if you play your cards right, you could be the new PTO guru by answering a few questions here.  Then if you get really lucky, someday you could be anointed as the newest Intuit Champ.  But make sure you have your attorney on speed dial ———- you will need him or her to review the legal document you have to sign in order to work for free with that new fancy title.

Geez, now that I think of it how in the world could Obi-Wan-Kenobi walk away from such a great gig.  Especially one in which all of his hours here were so highly valued by the good folks at Intuit?

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