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I get an error (as of 1/14/21) when filing a 19 amendment that says "IRS

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Full text of the error message:

"E-file Transmission Failure
 The IRS and states have temporarily stopped accepting transmissions of TY19 Individual e-file returns. The IRS and states will not accept transmissions of 2019 Individual e-file submissions until January of 2021. When the IRS and states open for e-file processing, you can once again resume transmitting of TY19 e-file submissions. Problem occurred transmitting efile data"
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That is an accurate summary of the current status of 1040 e-file. Did you have a question about it?

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My question is when will this be resolved?

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"When the IRS and states open for e-file processing," as the message says.

The IRS has not yet announced when they'll be opening.

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When the IRS opens up e-filing for the new year, but nobody has a firm date for that yet.

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Youve got about 2 more weeks.