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Does anyone have a reliable contact number for the IRS. When I call the Tax Pro line I get a recording due to high volume they cannot answer at this time. At wits end,

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The only IRS number that I can reach a live person is e-services but they said they can not even assist as uploading POA's are backlogged as well to obtain tax transcripts. The IRS is ready to implode. I have a number of returns that were e-filed in April and still not processed and returns filed prior to the Rescue Act have not been resolved as the IRS indicated by 6/15/21. The IRS is overwhelmed presently.  That does not stop my clients from hounding me on the status of their refunds...........Crazy times..........
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"The IRS is overwhelmed presently'"

That is correct. There is nothing you can do. Show the clients this

IRS Operations During COVID-19: Mission-critical functions continue | Internal Revenue Service and tell them they and 18 million others have to wait.

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My POA is recorded, but apparently the IRS does not have my address. Practitioner Hotline was able to verify this, but had no solution. Just let the clients know the IRS will pay them better interest on their refund than they could get from a bank. They will get their refund as soon as IRS finishes processing all of the 2019 returns that have yet to be touched. 


Here's wishing you many Happy Returns