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Reduce PDF size

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Reduce PDF size


PDF files printed by Lacerte are ridiculously large.  A 1 page e-filing confirmation letter is 1 MB, which Acrobat can reduce down to  12k.  When you have a lot of clients, and are emailing out 1 MB at a time, it really eats up email server space.  And a tax return reduces down 10x when I optimize in Acrobat.

If Acrobat can optimize and make these files 10-100x smaller, so can Lacerte.



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Level 2

Absolutely agree.  This has been going on for years!

Level 1

I agree!  I keep asking support and they keep telling me it is a setting in my pdf writer and should talk to my IT support.  That is not an accurate answer.  It is almost embarrassing to send a pdf to a client.  


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In agreement. I wind up printing to my own PDF printer with settings optimized for file reduction. This is one extra, unnecessary step.

Level 2

So agree!

Level 3

If you can still get it, the "Debenu PDF Automation" software is excellent. You can tell it to "watch that folder over there" (where all of your PDFs get printed to), have a script to strip out all of the font information that is not needed, and then put the (now much smaller) resulting PDFs into a finished product directory.
We have been successfully shrinking our Lacerte printouts--typically a 3MB tax return or Organizer comes back at about half that size, 1 to 1.5MB--for a half-dozen years since we found this excellent utility.

I believe someone (FoxIt?) bought Debenu, and they are currently in the process of sunsetting the old software. It will no longer be supported, and probably not sold, which is why I said "if you can get it".
My recollection is that they have plans to likely do what Adobe did: they no longer sell you Acrobat, they *lease* its use to use.


Robert Kirk

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