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Reduce PDF size

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Reduce PDF size


PDF files printed by Lacerte are ridiculously large.  A 1 page e-filing confirmation letter is 1 MB, which Acrobat can reduce down to  12k.  When you have a lot of clients, and are emailing out 1 MB at a time, it really eats up email server space.  And a tax return reduces down 10x when I optimize in Acrobat.

If Acrobat can optimize and make these files 10-100x smaller, so can Lacerte.



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Level 2

Absolutely agree.  This has been going on for years!

Level 1

I agree!  I keep asking support and they keep telling me it is a setting in my pdf writer and should talk to my IT support.  That is not an accurate answer.  It is almost embarrassing to send a pdf to a client.  


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