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Lacerte Planner is #$@&% Garbage - Mediocre at Best

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Hi All:

Sorry if I'm not contributing much here. I'd just like to state that I've officially concluded that the Lacerte tax planner is mediocre at best and "as weak as bus stop chili" at worst.  So, I know that the Ultratax planner runs circles around the Lacerte one. I'd bet the BNA tax planner is superior as well. 

In my opinion, the Intuit team has barely spent time/effort to update and add any significant improvements / upgrades to the Lacerte planner. I really wish that Intuit would be honest - here's what they should tell customers: 

" We are throwing in the planner for free with tax software. We aren't giving you any extra value- just a piece of #$@&% software that probably won't work for more than 1/2 of your clients.   But our sales magicians  will make this neglected, antiquated, and mediocre planner look like such a huge add on benefit !  We turn lemons into lemonade ! 

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Spend a buck to be happy! Look at Tax Tools You get a quick robust tax planner with TONS of other very nifty flowcharts, fee justifier, fill-in pdf tool, Luxury Auto Lease inclusion and if you ever do a 1031 exchange a PRICELESS set worksheets and MORE, but if you call NOW, you will get this year's product free with the order of next year's.

**bleep**, I wish I got a percentage off this!


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I do ! I've purchased CFS Tax Software, Inc. - Software for Tax Professionals  for last 5 years or so . As you say, its a great value and solid ! I would not  prepare taxes without it ! 

Not to be a negative Nelly, but I just wish there was an import feature to seamlessly import data from Lacerte to CFS Tax Software, Inc. - Software for Tax Professionals . It saves quite a bit of time and avoids the redundant data entry.  I could recommend that Lacerte team add on a feature that helps it work in tandem with CFS Tax Software, Inc. - Software for Tax Professionals 

I'm not paid or receiving anything from CFS Tax Tools for this promotion. Its just a good program that actually does what its supposed to do. 

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