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Form 8453 Attachments

Level 2

Does the form 8453 for certain attachments to the tax return still have to mailed in with the documents if I have already attached those documents to the return? The form instructions make it seem as if the attachment gets sent in with the e-filed return AND mailed in with this form.

If I don't need to mail Form 8453 in addition to attaching the pdf attachment, how do I keep the form from generating?

I have completed the E-File information portion of the required form and yet the 8453 remains in active forms.

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Level 8

Form 8453 generates when the required attachments were not included as additional PDF files during e-File validation process. (Attaching PDF Documents to an E-file Return )

Upon e-File submission and acknowledgement of Accepted tax return, then mail the Form 8453 and required documentation Attachments where indicated on Form 

If you are using Paper File I presume attachments were literally physically attached and Form 8453 would not be needed

And then I found this Article specifically about Form 8453 Generating Form 8453

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