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Exception dispatching message ID: 1127 (Lacerte error message)

Anyone getting this error message below:  I called tech support a few days ago and they walked me through replacing a couple of setup files but I am still getting it.  They thought that would take care of it but it didn't.
The only detrimental thing I have noticed is one return I reviewed about a dozen things the preparer had entered simply vanished.  I'm not sure if that is related to this error message.  Twice in past years I have seen data vanish like that from Lacerte.
Exception dispatching message ID: 1127
Access Violation at address 00E5E79B in module 'w20tax.ext'.  Read of address 00000000
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I have been getting the same warning since the 1st week of March.  I thought I had done something when I added a new client.   I ended up deleting the client and starting over.   Apparently that was not the case.  I have had several updates since the first time it appeared and it is still occurring.

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I'm getting the same message, I have also had information disappear. I contacted Lacerte they walked me through several scenarios. Just logged in this morning same message AGAIN.

What's going on?

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I too have been getting the message since early March.  I haven't noticed any information disappearing and hopefully we didn't miss anything. I hoped it would go away after an update but nothing as of this morning's update.

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UPDATE: Lacerte is aware of the issue and hopefully will be correcting the issue soon. I'm pretty sure it's related to some recent Windows updates.

I have a least one user that is getting this message constantly. I'm going to contact tech support but it sounds like it might not be worth it. I'm hoping the next updates addresses this issue. If anyone comes up with a solution, please share.

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